Art and Design


Highly skilled UI/UX designer with education and experience.

Authorized Local 3D Printer and Prototyping Engineer



12+ years experience in web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and additional web languages)

3+ years in graphic and print design with small and large scale projects.

Consistent practice on compliance (x)HTML for W3C standards.

DJ and Electronic Music


Check out my latest album on iTunes and find me on Shazam!

theSwak, I may blow your mind.

Skilled and motivated developing new experiences for users with web applications such as node.JS, AngularJS, ember.js, REACT, and many other popular frameworks.

IoT experience with multifeed streaming with live video encoding and streaming transcoding.

Open Source Contributor: BandageMe - Minecraft


Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

Check out my latest album released on all digital platforms, called "Firewalled" and it can be found here!

Firewalled Album

And lastly, Who am I?

Bleeding edge media engineer with experience as a consultant, lead marketing, product designer, and programming mentor. I am seeking to expand my skillset with a position on a team that challenge's myself and benefit my team's expertise and effiency.